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You have the power to change the way ARTs are viewed and enjoyed.

Art & Photo Archive (APA)'s Business Philosophy

“Artwork and Photography contain people and natural spaces, so Art & Photo Archive (APA), we must capture and maintain the beautiful people, nature, and spaces."

The Problem.

The ART industry(exhibitions+auctions+publications+retails+packaging, etc.) contributes a lot to the pollution driving the climate crisis. However, this can be changed. Demand better practices—what you buy is what the industry will become. 

What you buy is a choice with the power to change.

Leave a lighter impact on people and the planet and join the fight against the irresponsible overuse of plastic packages. Purchase quality artworks for originals or special editions, and use and re-use the artworks for multiple purposes in different types of displays for your different places. Give away or re-sell your pre-owned artworks through Art & Photo Archive (APA) when you have appreciated your art in its full glory and are ready for new art.

Powering an inclusive future

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) at Art & Photo Archive (APA) supports the company's mission to power an inclusive future that benefits our employees, communities, and the planet.

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