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Our History

Art & Photo Archive (APA) is an art company specialising in fine art and photography, with cultural content consultants who provide our artwork purchasing experience to our clients. Art & Photo Archive (APA) runs its art management business with partners in Australia, South Korea, Japan, New York and Hong Kong; specialises in curating and selling art; planning art exhibitions, venues, special events and auctions.

We initially started our business in 2019 in Brisbane, Australia, and it is now expanding its online and offline art business through new branding and corporate collaboration with local and overseas partners. Our new branding as Art & Photo Archive (APA) is aimed at not only expanding sales but also discovering emerging artists and their brand of attractive artwork, then ensuring it is presented to the world by us.

Art & Photo Archive (APA), which has a portfolio of original artwork and photography by world-famous artists and talented emerging artists, has been selling around the world through world-class art galleries and partner online and offline stores, and it will expand and develop more and more amazing markets for art lovers and communities. 

Our Partnership


S. Korea

New York


Hong Kong

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