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REF/LOT NO      120121-5522 UNIQUE           
Artist                     Nicole McPherson
Title'Ring' daze
Size8" x 10" 
Medium  Acrylic on Canvas board     



*About Nicole McPherson


Australian artist Nicole McPherson attended her first oil painting class at the age of 10 and continued to discover her love for art through school. Subsequent to achieving A Levels and receiving a place at the Queensland College of Art, she deferred her studies -  only to return to her passion 30 years later – after raising a family.


Since 2016, Nicole has studied full-time under the tutelage of many professional artists, such as Patti Mollica, Colley Whisson, Daniel Butterworth and Bronwyn Searle. She continues to work amongst the Brisbane artist collective, regularly competing in competitions and beginning to exhibit her works, while continuing her study.


Impressionism and ‘the abstract’ have heavily influenced Nicole’s work, as has the movement of ‘street art’. She does not define her style within a defined parameter – rather describing it as ‘individual and confidently eclectic’. Her goal is not to ‘copy’ what she sees – but express the essense of a gesture of form with deliberate strokes and a minimum of fuss.


Nicole’s work continues to evolve – and her strong sense of observation has enabled her to refine her technique, minimising detail yet still capturing the very essence of people/places/faces in their environments.  Be it a lone figure in a gallery or a woman walking down the street, the expression she portrays in her everyday people and scenes aims to draw you in and hold you in that moment in time. Nicole wants you to be interested in what you are seeing and for it in invoke a sense of enquiry and question about the subject and ‘their story’. The intimacy she creates pulls you closer, giving you a greater sense of the people in the picture, their thoughts and their feelings. Most of all, Nicole hopes her works bring joy and make you smile.



*Frames are available in all different styles and sizes, and it can be ordered as an extra cost. Feel free to contact us to learn more about frames and display methods. We are happy to provide 'a customised service' to advise you on the most suitable frame for the picture you are interested in. A picture/drawing can have a very different look according to the different sizes, materials, designs and styles of frames chosen to display it with, as they can change the atmosphere of the whole space in which the picture or drawing is displayed. Our mission is to help our customers achieve the best style for the piece of art, with our professional touch.

'Ring' daze, Nicole McPherson

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