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REF/LOT NO 201220-1 UNIQUE                                                   
Artist                Danny Lee         
TitlePink Lemonade



83cm (W) by 107 (H) 


Canvas requires stretching to hang 


Acrylic paint on canvas with pastel marking


Finished with satin varnish.





*About Danny Lee


Hello there, moving all around Melbourne at young age from places like Brunswick, Carlton and Hawthorn. I found myself constantly surrounded by amazing street art. After years spent admiring the culture of the Melbourne art scene I begun studying and practicing the techniques of graffiti. At the age of 20 I had completed my first canvas painting. Finding inspiration from artist like Picasso I have always been drawn to abstract art, finding a way to interpret my own emotion into a person or object. Moving forwards 7 years and countless painting I’ve finally decided to start selling some pieces.



*Frames are available in all different styles and sizes, and it can be ordered as an extra cost. Feel free to contact us to learn more about frames and display methods. We are happy to provide 'a customised service' to advise you on the most suitable frame for the picture you are interested in. A picture/drawing can have a very different look according to the different sizes, materials, designs and styles of frames chosen to display it with, as they can change the atmosphere of the whole space in which the picture or drawing is displayed. Our mission is to help our customers achieve the best style for the piece of art, with our professional touch.

Pink Lemonade, Danny Lee

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