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NO.                         170721-0833 FLORAL  
Artist                     Gabrielle Tito                   
TitleKeep it simple         
Size71 cm x 51 cm
Medium  Acrylic on Canvas 
PriceAU $490



*About Gabrielle Tito


I always admired my mum, she was an amazing landscape artist, and her talent was wasted as she started painting later in life and then passed from Ovarian Cancer in 2016. This changed my path, and I took some time off from work to pursue my interest in Interior Design, completing my Diploma of Interior Design in 2019. During this time, my husband and I moved to Brisbane from Townsville, and I found myself struggling to gain employment, so I had the time to start painting again. My journey began with quirky faces using bright, bold colours. My faces became very popular, so I started branching out and printing them on pillows and phone cases. In the last six months, I’ve fallen in love with painting flowers and experimenting with different mediums and textures. My main love is acrylics and the brighter, the better! I want my art to spread the joy! Look at one of my paintings and smile.

Keep it simple, Gabrielle Tito

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