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ArtistAxk Django
TitleIJMYH 51           
EditionOpen Edition
SizeA4, A3, A2, A1 

Acrylic on mix media paper,

Printed on Premium Cotton Rag    

PriceA4 $90, A3 $190, A2 $390, A1 $490  


*About Axk Django


Axk Django is a mix media artist who focuses on form, shape and colour. Currently based in Brisbane, Australia, although has been an avid global traveller all his life. Art, expression and being unique has always been central to his creative endeavours.


This blend of life experience and confidence in a personal theme has refined a bold and connective message for the artists viewer. Axk Django draws, paints and creates from as much information as possible. He then simplifies this to an almost meditative state. Here lies the artists statement, Harmony in Madness.


Although only recently emerged from the shadows. Axk Django has being in and out of creative pursuits for 21 years. His 3 Series of work are, “The Mexican Series 2018”, “I Just Missed Your Heart 2019” and “Iso With Axk 2020”. Axk Djangos current body of work is a dynamic concept “The Last Human Artist”. This will extend to street art and exhibitions.



*Frames are available in all different styles and sizes, and it can be ordered as an extra cost. Feel free to contact us to learn more about frames and display methods. We are happy to provide 'a customised service' to advise you on the most suitable frame for the picture you are interested in. A picture/drawing can have a very different look according to the different sizes, materials, designs and styles of frames chosen to display it with, as they can change the atmosphere of the whole space in which the picture or drawing is displayed. Our mission is to help our customers achieve the best style for the piece of art, with our professional touch.

IJMYH 51, Axk Django

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