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161123-2, ART, CALM

ArtistEasy to Own 2

Ivy Lyin 

Edition        Open Edition


A4, A3, A2, A1, A0


Digital photograph 


A4 = $125 shipping in AU included  

A3 = $165 shipping in AU included

A2 = $205 shipping in AU included

A1 = $245 shipping in AU included 

A0 = $365 shipping in AU included



* Ivy Lyin, Artist & Photographer BIO:


Ivy Lin is a Chinese Australian who loves her heritage and has expanded her creative world as an artist, interior designer, and photographer in Shanghai, China and Brisbane, Australia, for the past seven years. Her creative world is calm, attentive and warm. She enjoys pottery and painting, decorating her and her family's spaces with things she makes and collects, and taking photos. For her, she believes art should be 'Good and Easy'. She envisions her own safe and beautiful world filled with easy, fun, and warm things. 

Easy to Own 2, Ivy Lyin

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