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ArtistDave Calkins                 
TitleDuelling Peacocks            
Size71 x 120 cm 


*About the Artist - Dave Calkins


​Born in coastal Southern California in 1960 and living in the Mojave Desert, I spent my early years exploring nature. The seascapes of native wildflowers which sprouted after the Spring showers mesmerized my imagination and firmly implanted a hold on my love of color. Travelling the world in later years, my appreciation of the wonders of the sea were awakened.  Becoming a keen diver while living in Micronesia and Australia fostered my passion for the underwater gardens of the reef and further reinforced my love of all things bold, bright and energetic.


​I've always been a creative soul and have explored several areas of self-expression to arrive back to my first primal love -Painting. I am a self- taught artist not afraid to indulge my own freedoms of expression.  I paint both in oils and acrylics, however,  mostly favor acrylics as they continually challenge me and I love the desired effects achieved in working quickly with them.  I'm inspired in the moment and its this type of discovery which truly excites me.  Deliberate strokes of the brush, too or fingers in conjunction with paint applied straight from the tube to canvas provides a fundamental fulfillment. That freedom of the inner child in me creating whimsical works which make me smile as if in my own hidden world. Manipulating paint onto a blank canvas is very rewarding and being engaged in the metamorphosis to capture a moment of form, texture and movement never before seen is my Nirvana.  ​


When the outcome of a completed painting inspires someone to reflect inward eliciting feelings of intrigue, warmth, joy and most importantly produces a smile that I know that the final verdict is a success. I aspire to provide colorful artwork to viewers and collectors with the hope that they too will be as delighted as I and raise a warm smile every time they capture a gaze at one of my paintings. ​Currently residing in Western Australia since 1996 and living in Scarborough Beach. My artworks are held in private collections in the United States, South America, Asia and Australia.

Duelling Peacocks, Dave Calkins

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