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The young MZ collectors driving the art market boom: "Only Just Getting Started."

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The young MZ generations are driving the global art market boom, and they are only just getting started, as found by many studies— the first generation that is never known a world without smartphones and social media is savvier than its elders about technology.

Generation MZ must be balanced into a variety of categories. Despite the public's perception of a group of social media–obsessed and ego-driven young people, Gen Z: born between 1997 and 2015, maintain a diverse range of perspectives. Also, it is often dismissed how world-altering events and technological advancements have impacted their lives. Gen Z, their young adulthood coincided with the decentralisation of information, more accessible education, and the erosion of fact-based knowledge, the need to confront our dying planet from an early age left an indelible mark on the generation.

MZ international collectors worldwide are primarily digital natives with high education levels, fluency in English, and equally strategic about investment as they are passionate about culture. Having grown up with the internet and been instilled with strong educational values, they tend to research studiously about art, using information sources ranging from museum art classes to YouTube, social media and influencer-driven online content. For example, some Asian art buyers are strongly influenced by celebrity art collectors in their ranks; most famously, BTS's RM was raised by well-educated parents who had one to two children.

MZ collectors buy a work of art primarily because they like it—the most popular response. The second most popular reason is art's interior design appeal. However, these motivations changed when accounting for top-tier collectors; the main reason for buying art is an investment. Furthermore, the way younger collectors acquire work differs significantly from the way previous generations did. Rather than collecting to improve their social status, what's important to millennials is giving a platform to intelligent insightful artists who are more relatable to a young person's thoughts and ideals. We can see tastes in collecting evolve, as does society, and we look forward to witnessing how the entire artistic landscape will change as younger buyers enter the art world.

Art & photo Archive(APA), we can see tastes in collecting evolve, as does society. We look forward to witnessing how the entire artistic landscape will change as younger buyers enter the art world, and we will do our best to assist our audience.



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