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APA Gallery - a bridgehead for emerging artists of various nationalities besides Australia and Korea

Updated: May 17, 2023

We live in an era where people can reach people from country to country, and various cultural benefits and beautiful results can be reached with a single click online. What greater joy can there be for us as art consultants than for talented artists to be properly introduced to a broader audience and consumed in a healthy and robust relationship while maintaining their unique character and style?

Our History.

Art & Photo Archive (APA) is an art company specialising in fine art and photography, with cultural content consultants who provide our artwork purchasing experience to our clients. Art & Photo Archive (APA) runs its art management business with partners in Australia, South Korea, Japan, New York and Hong Kong; specialises in curating and selling art; planning art exhibitions, venues, special events and auctions.

Studio 378 by APA.

In 2023, under the umbrella of APA Gallery, 'Studio 378', a project brand for discovering and enhancing talented new artists in Australia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, and Europe, was born.

The name of 'Studio 378', whose philosophy is 'Goodwill', 'Well-being' & 'Harmony' of the world with art, is a synthesis of the numbers 3, 7, and 8, known as 'lucky numbers' in various countries and cultures, to create 'Everyone's art for good', an art brand for you. Studio 378 collaborates with various artists to put their artistic spirit into fine art and photography and to reach the public with more colourful works, designing and producing meaningfully limited art toys and household products and providing various platforms to show through.

All works created and sold by Studio 378 are partially donated annually to the World Wildlife Organization and the Children's Welfare Foundation. We ask for your interest in the culture and stories of people and the creative activities of Studio 378.

From the second half of 2023, you can find it in more offline pop-up shops and collaborated galleries.

© 2023 by Art & Photo Archive (APA). Brisbane, QLD, Australia​


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