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A Beginner's Guide: How to Buy Art You Love?

Finding the Perfect Artwork for You.

Art & Photo Archive (APA) is an art company specialising in fine art and photography, with cultural content consultants who provide our artwork purchasing experience to our clients. APA's curators can provide expert advice and helpful tools to find the art/photography work you love. Feel free to contact us or read our current art information, news & thoughts on the art community. We want to tell you confidently APA's consultant can deliver a lot of helpful information. Are you searching for original fine art or photography to elevate your living and working spaces? You may consider your place's interior style and have reckoned with your budget.

Firstly, here are the things you should be paying particular attention to as you consider an art piece for your space. Please ensure you read the size of the art and compare it against the dimensions of your home. Likewise, a measuring tape and some imagination will go a long way.

Once you understand the artwork's sizes, please check how it is packaged (if it's in a tube, it will need to be framed when it arrives). It is ready to hang if it is in a box or frame.

Next, please read the description of the art we provided. This critical piece often includes helpful information to give you a better sense of the work, the artist, the art practice, their inspiration, and more details on other positions. If APA has/owns the art and sends it to you, we will manage the artwork to delivery. Please feel free to contact us.

Also, please think of hanging styles. In gallery spaces, two-dimensional works are typically hung so that the centre of the piece falls at eye level (e.g. 56 to 60 inches from the floor). This standard is a helpful rule of thumb for hanging works on blank walls. When a couch, headboard, fireplace mantel, or another piece of furniture is involved, ensure that the work has some breathing room while keeping the look cohesive. In addition, consider filling your wall space by grouping multiple works together. Works of equal size can be hung as a grid, but do not be afraid to cluster pieces of different sizes into a salon wall. Generally, hang larger artworks on a salon wall two to three inches apart and small works one and a half to two inches apart.

Lastly, please ensure you understand the price, which includes shipping but not taxes, depending on where you are in the world and where the art is coming from. After inputting a shipping address, you can always add your work to your shopping cart to calculate an order total. If you have any further details of delivery, please feel free to contact us.

Whether you are seeking specific artwork for your growing collection, APA Team is ready to source, sell, and advise for you. For more information to discuss, feel free to contact one of our friendly art consultants,


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